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MAS as an Agent.


As a manufacturer’s representative, or agent, MAS Global serves as the commercial and business liaison between you, the supplier, and the business prospect. Our customers are generally multinational companies that carry products within the relevant categories and have expressed their willingness to expand their product mix. Before even signing an agreement, MAS performs a thorough due diligence of the product line to determine feasibility and market attractiveness in the region. Below is a summary of the typical process:

Prospecting is achieved through personalized formal presentations, electronically, or via telephone communication.

Once interest is confirmed by the prospect, a detailed profile is prepared. The information is then presented to the supplier for consideration along with our observations and recommendations.

Upon the supplier’s approval of the prospect, a sampling of the mix of products is sent to the prospect for further evaluation.

Once the product mix has been determined a business plan is negotiated and prepared to serve as the basis for the formal distribution agreement. Our role is to negotiate the terms, volumes, and prices of the agreement, following the supplier’s terms and conditions.

MAS serves as a process administrator during the trademark application and sanitary registration process in those countries where required, assuring a quick an efficient process that usually takes 2- 3 months.

MAS promotes the sale of products to insure brand image, positioning and to maximize business opportunities.

MAS supervision assures the best interests of the supplier with periodic visits and constant on line interaction with the customer’s brand management. By understanding the business needs and requirements of each market, MAS services become an asset to grow the business.

MAS troubleshoots issues related to shipment logistics and other problems that may surface, including quality issues and collection activities.

MAS develops, with the distributor, a quarterly sales forecast to align production with demand and minimize shipment shortfalls.

In summary MAS serves as the contact between the supplier and his customer base on all aspects of the business relationship to achieve the objectives of both parties.

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